A Letter to Imam Mahdi (R. A.)

Maulana Rafiuddin Deobandi was born in 1836. He was being counted amongst the perfect saints of his time. In 1888, Maulana Rafiuddin went to the illuminated Madina with the intention of migration. There he wrote a letter to Imam Mahdi. He died in 1890 and was buried in the Jannatul-Baqee.

 It is well-known that when the building of the Nawdarah, Darul Uloom (which was the earliest among the existing buildings) was being laid, he saw a dream that the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him!) was standing at the proposed site and was telling him that “this area is very small” and saying this, drew the area and map of the building with his auspicious staff and said: “Build it on these marks”. Next morning when the Maulana got up and inspected the site, he found the marks intact. Accordingly, the foundation of the building was dug on the same marks and the construction was started.

 Maulana Rafiuddin knew that Al-Shaibi Family has the unique honour and distinction of having been selected as the Custodians of the Key to the door of the Holy Ka’aba by the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) till the Day of Resurrection. So he wrote a letter to Imam Mahdi (R.A.) and handed over to Al-Shaibi Family.

 Source: From Book Dajjal – Kaun? Kubb? Kahaan? by Mufti Abu Lubaba
 Website: Darul Uloom Deoband