Predictions By Dr. Nazir Ahmad Qureshi

Dr. Nazir Ahmad Qureshi was a Famous Spiritual Personality of Lahore. He said that Pakistan will become superpower one day” but before this extreme disaster will occur in Pakistan. Law and Govt. will disappear from country. Killings and destruction will become routine things, murderers will kill anybody. No case will be entered. Whole country will be in lawlessness situation. but “Danday Wali Sarkar” will establish Govt.’s writ in days. This ‘Sarkar’ will not get foreign aid, they will successfully run the system by using country’s resources and by bringing back the money of looters. They will seal borders and they will control media. Foreign interference will be finished in Pakistan. Said ‘Sarkar’ will work (hang) more and talk less. They will eradicate money looter and corrupts/traitors. There will be peace, stability and rule of law in Pakistan. There will be justice everywhere. And mosques will not give different Azan (i.e. Harmony in different Sects). But before appearance of this ‘Danday Wali Sarkar’, parliament will become fish-market. Prime ministers keep on changing. Political bargaining will be on peak. Kashmir will become some sought of sovereign state that will swing its affiliation between Pakistan and India. At last ‘Danday Wali Sarkar’ will finally affiliate Kashmir with Pakistan. New Government of Pakistan will manage Afghan matters according to Pakistan’s interests . To finish Indian interference in this region, “Danday Wali Sarkar” will do successful war with India. Pakistani flag will hoist on Red Fort India. But due to international pressure Pakistan will leave Delhi but Ajmer Sharif and Bathinda will become part of Pakistan. After first war, there will be Pakistan supportive Sikh Khalsa govt. in Indian Punjab whose existence will depend on Pakistan’s ”Danday Wali Sarkar”. In South India, Muslims, Low Cast Nations and other minorities will unite and make a new independent state. North Indian Hindus will do extreme cruelty and tyranny on U.P.’s Muslims. Pakistan’s “Dande Wali Sarkar” will do another war with India. After which Indian govt. and state will be finished forever from universe. He also said that soon Democratic governments will end from the world . Non-democratic governments will come in America and Europe.According to Dr. Nazir Ahmad Qureshi patriotic nationalists will implement Zia’s peace policy in this region.
Some material about General Zia’s Spiritual Importance will be soon posted. Read complete prediction of Dr. Nazir Ahmad Qureshi below:

Predictions by Dr Nazir Ahmad Qureshi Danday Wali Sarkar 22 Nov 2009 Prof Yousaf Irfan

Published on 22nd November, 2009 in Sunday Magazine of Nawa-i-Waqt