Time of Struggle of Imam Mahdi (R.A.)

 Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya) predicted time of Imam Mahdi (R.A.), Prophet Isa (A.S.) and End Times using Hadiths of last Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) and Abjad numerical values of verses of Holy Quran.

He said, according to Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, Imam Mahdi will perform three great duties together and across the world. No one can perform these three duties together These duties are:
1) Intellectual struggle to correct belief of people,
2) the establishment of the Islamic Union
3) the restoration of the moral values of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of our last Prophet (S.A.W.).

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi said Imam Mahdi will start his first duty at start of 15th Islamic century i.e. 1979/81 but he will be recognized by some closed friends and students when he will be 30 and 40 years of age. He will complete all his duties in old age of 70. He will rule 7 to 9 years only. Imam Rabbai and Sheikh Nazim also predicted year 1400 AH or 1979/80 AD for coming of Imam Mahdi. Hadith also says every Mujaddid come at start of Islamic century. Other Hadith says age of Muslim Ummah will be 1.5 days or 1500 years. Every century has three parts start, middle and end. Start period will end in 1433/1434. So he should be among us in this period otherwise we have to wait for him for next 70 years.

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi give year 1956 as important year for Islamic world like Pakistan became the world’s first Islamic republic. Abjad value of these verses give value 1956 indicating significant of year 1956.

1956 “The hypocrites are in the lowest level of the Fire. You will not find any one to help them,” (Surat an-Nisa’, 145)
1956 “We said, “Have no Fear. You will have the upper hand” – Taha, 68
1956 “Then a messenger comes to you confirming what is with you” – Al ‘Imran, 81
1956 “And as for the blessing of your Lord, speak out!” – Surat Ad-Duha, 11

Signs will appear in start of Islamic century like occupation of Afghanistan, bloodshed in Kaaba, solar and moon eclipses during month of Ramadan, increase of meteors and earthquakes etc. These verses are giving abjad values of starting years of Islamic century indicating coming of Imam Mahdi (R.A.)

1979 “So do not obey the unbelievers but use this to battle against them with all your might” – Surat Al-Furqan, 52
1979 “Guide you on a Straight Path and so that Allah may help you with a mighty help” – Surat al-Fath, 1-3
1979 “We have made a sacred territory secure, while men are carried off by force from around them?” Surat al-`Ankabut Verse: 67
1980 “Our Lord, Raise Up Among Them A Messenger ..” Al-Baqara, 129
1980 “Alif Lam Mim. The Romans have been defeated” – Surat Ar-Rum, 1-2
1981 “Support From Allah And Imminent Victory ” – Surat As-Saff, 13
1981 “We sent you only to bring good news and to give warning” – Al-Furqan, 56 (25*56)
1982 “All those who follow My guidance will not go astray…” – Ta Ha, 123

Before 1980 meteors in sky were 1,000 – 2,000 which increased to 8,964 in 1980. They increased to 52557 in 1999, 122897 in earlier 2000s and 511728 in 2010. So they increased from 1,000 to 511,728 in 30 years. Quran indicates years 1980 and 1999 in these verses…

1980 “Earmarked By Your Lord For The Profligate ” Surat Adh- Dhariyat, 34
1999 “If They Saw A Lump Of Heaven Falling Down, They Would Just Say, Banked-Up Clouds ” – Surat at-Tur, 44

Our Prophet (S.A.W.) foretold that in the End Times the frequency of earthquakes would increase and meteors would fall on Earth.

Uprising in Middle East:
2011 “Allah brings up the sun from the east” Surat Al-Baqara,258
2011 “A man among you, to warn you” – Surat Al-A‘raf, 63
2011 “When he brought them Clear Signs, they said, ‘This is downright magic” As-Saff, 6

Prophet Yusuf (A.S.) and recognition of Imam Mahdi (R.A.):

We have entered into Era of Aquarius in 21st Dec 2012 and word will recognize Imam Mahdi (as) in time of Aquarius (water carrier or bucket). Imam Mahdi will came out just like Prophet Youssuf (A.S.) came out using water bucket from well.

Abjad of verses of Holy Quran indicating future events related to End Times:

2013 “He Will Make Them Successors In The Land ” – Surat An-Nur, 55
2015 “Your Lord will soon give to you and you will be satisfied” – Ad-Duha, 5
2016 “You have seen people entering Allah’s religion in droves, then glorify your Lord’s praise” – Surat an-Nasr, 1-3
2017 “We Gave Him Power And Authority On The Earth ” – Al-Kahf, 84
2017 “We established Yusuf in the land” – Surah Yusuf, 56
2020 “It is My servants who are righteous who will inherit the earth” – al-Anbiya’, 105
2021 “The Religion of Truth to exalt it over every other religion” – Surat as-Saff, 9
2021 “Leaders and make them inheritors” – Surat Al-Qasas, 5
2022 “exalt it over every other religion” – Surat al-Fath, 28
2022 “We could send down a Sign” – Ash-Shu‘ara, 4
2023 “You will soon know who are the Companions of the Right Path…” – Ta Ha, 135
2039 “Allah has written, I will be victorious, I and My messengers” – Surat al-Mujadala, 21
2042 “Allah confirms the Truth by His words, even though the evildoers hate it”-Yunus, 82
2051 “It is My servants who are righteous who will inherit the earth” – Al-Anbiya, 105
2079 “He bequeathed their land, their houses and their wealth to you” – al-Ahzab, 27

The year 2082 will be the most glorious, the most beautiful years of the Hazrat Esa (A.S.) insha’Allah. And of the system of the Mahdi of course.

Reference: Harun Yahya Blog


  1. Asalaam alaikum, sorry for my late reply to this post. I want to gives references of above information.

    About Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya)

    The Turkish-Islamic Union:

    Bediuzzaman Said Nursi has said ‘Hazrat Mahdi (as) will have three great duties;’ ‘it is Hazrat Mahdi (as) who will perform these three duties together and across the world.’

    Numerological calculations (abjad) in the Our’an


    Verses Indicating the Coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Global Dominion of Islamic Moral Values:

    The numerological value (abjad) of surat Adh-dhariyat verse 34 is 1980:

    Our Prophet (saas) foretold that in the End Times the frequency of earthquakes would increase and meteors would fall on Earth.

    When the Mahdi will declare himself?

    Verses from the Qur’an referring to the End Times and their abjad

    Calculation of the abjad value of the expression ”Allah brings up the sun from the east” in verse 258 of Surat Al-Baqara gives a date of 2011

    Some findings of Mr. Adnan Oktar on the economic crisis

    The world will recognize Hazrat Mahdi (as) in the time of Aquarius

    Capture of Constantinople in 1453


    Current pope is last pope…

    2082 The year 2082 will be the most glorious, the most beautiful years of the Jesus Messiah (pbuh) insha’Allah. And of the system of the Mahdi of course.


    More references:



  2. hi
    like you wrote so many important thing. i want to add thing.he will must Muhammad (praise and peace be upon him) progeny, his name will be Ahmad or Muhammad. his mother name only will be similar like prophet(pbuh), his father name will be similar like prophet(pbuh. when he will be 30 or 40 years old that time he will come to know that he will be imam Mahdi. when he will completely 40 year old then he will go to hajj, that time people will find him.and before of end of 2015 he will must out. because of some God reason he don’t want to tell anyone that he is the one. because no one believe on him. only God will tell everyone then he will say yes, i am the one.

    1. yes you are right. But no one knows exactly, when Imam Mahdi will appear. Another saint said in 1997 that Imam Mahdi (R.A.) has not born yet. It means that we have to wait till 2037-2040 to see Imam Mahdi (R.A.). Only ALLAH knows the exact time of his appearance.

    2. Masha’Allah. Actual Hadith about name is…

      The world will not come to pass until a man from among my family, whose name will be my name, rules over the Arabs.
      (Tirmidhi Sahih, Vol. 9, P. 74; Abu Dawud, Sahih, Vol. 5, P. 207;
      also narrated by Ali b. Abi Talib, Abu Sa’id, Umm Salma, Abu Hurayra)

      i.e. name of Mahdi is secret and compatible with any name of Prophet Muhammad (saas). Name of any promised personality never be told in any prophecy. Also he will rule over Arabs means he will be non-Arab Sayed. He will be known publicly in age 30 or 40. There is no Hadith that will he will do Hajj in age 40. Yes it is mentioned he will be appeared during Hajj in Mecca to all people to create Caliphate. At that time everyone will know him using announcement or voice coming from sky i.e. satellite in live broadcast. It is not necessary his age will be 40 at that time as in another Hadith his total age will be 70 and he will die in old age, and he will rule only for 7 or 9 years. It means he will create Caliphate or union in old age may be in 60’s of his age… Yes he will not claim he is Mahdi….

    3. According to Hadith Imam Mahdi like every Mujaddid will appear in start of Islamic century and age of Muslim Ummah is only around 1500 years (one and half years in sight of Allah). So he will appear during 1400-1434 among people which is first one third or initial of century. This duration is his age of struggle among his companion, Insha’Allah

      Allah Knows Best

  3. Imam Mahdi (as) will not have to claim that he is Mahdi, HE will be announced by Angels of Allah (sbt). There was no Technology at the time of H.Isa (as) but from the day of HIS birth Angels announced Him. Same is with Our Prophet (Pbuh) as soon as he was selected He (Pbuh) was announced by angels of Allah (sbt) so don’t worry about recognizing Him. It would be clear and obvious.

    According to very reliable sources the voice is being heard. so it is my belief that Imam is Here.

  4. Dear Sh. Harun,


    Baarak Allah feekom in your efforts to spread the word of Islam.

    Today there are more CORRUPT muslims especially SAUDIS in MAKKA who want to kill Imam Mahdi than those who will support him as mentioned in the Hadith who will attack him upon his appearance, but God will provide him more than 300 men like the sahaba of Rasool saw who will defeat the enemies and later grow to 10,000 as Fateh Makka.

    Be There in Makka Ramadan 2014.

    Tahiyatuhum feeha Salaam wa AAkhir Dawahum an Alhamd Lilah rab alAAlameen.

    Abdullah wa Taabe Rasuleh

  5. can you please provice me the sources of the voice of the heavens? because i absolutely heard no news on the Mahdi yet, as salaam alaikum!

  6. Resurrection.

    1. A voice from the sky will introduce a person.(Y)

    2. All tribes will start wailing, without exception.(Y)

    3. He will be from East. Right at home in West. (Y)

    4. Red hairs, fair skin, green eyes, broad fore head ect.(Y)

    5. Every one will hear his voice and understand it. (Y)

    6. Every eye will see him, Angels carrying him with glory. (Y)

    He is not coming, He is not near. He is here. (Y)

    The Guided One dot Info

  7. Dear brothers and sisters of islam and potential brothers and sisters in the world. peace.
    I want to tell you about Imam Mahdi because I know. he has indeed been born on Monday 21 april 1980. same as Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings on him. His father is shia and mother sunni. he is half Persian and half indian with roots in balochistan and Africa. he is separated from his father since birth who has since remarried. he was born on an island and now lives on a bigger greener island.
    He has big green eyes broad concave brow, protrusion on middle of his nose, mark on his right hand, right leg, myrtle leaf on his right chest, mole on his left shoulder, mole on his back between his shoulder blades to the right. He also has the famous mole on his right and left cheek.
    He is waiting like everyone else, he doesn’t know if its really him it might be a coincidence. I have scoured the internet for a year about it and have found him at last. This is only an appetiser for those posting about Imam Mahdi to tell them they are respected for it. Peace

  8. Bismillahir-Rahman-Ravin.
    Imam Mahdi has:
    Black thick hair, black mole on his left shoulder, mole (shining star) on his left cheek, mole (like a comet) on his left cheek, myrtle leaf below and to the left or his left shoulder blade, mole on his left thigh, broad brow, mark and mole (red mole) on his brow, protrusion on middle of his nosen, green eyes, deep betwen his eyebrow.. He will came from western part of Islamic world. Only Mahdi knows the thru hadiths about him self.

    1. Dear Kamran, whoever will claim he is Imam Mahdi then he is fake because Mahid is title which is given after success or death. Till now no one completed 3 great duties of Imam Mahdi mentioned by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi.

  9. @kamran shahid shauq is lia hai q k na apko pata hai na in daway krnay waln ko, k asal main krna kia hai sb apas main khudh he ko bewaquf bananay main masroof hain aur faisla sirf Allah he krskta hai.hamaray sab k bas say bahar hogaya hai.khudh ko samajhna chahtay nahi aur qaim e zamana ka intezar hai.laughable.

  10. Allah reviled to Arshad Khan, Mahdi will be 30-40 when he will start solving world issues, the people he will be working with will not recognize he is Mahdi. When Mahdi will be more than 50 he will rule the world when he will be nearly 60 he will pass away & Jesus will rule the world. See videos @ justice party uk on you tube.

    1. Arshad the veil from Imam was lifted in 2012, HE became clear and open in April 2013, HIS announcement was made in The session of General Assembly in 2013 When all world leaders were present during President Obama’s speech.

  11. All Dear Muslims….Plz we all r Discussing IMAM MAHDI …TOO MUCH (MOST OF TIME)
    pLZ…Share his reference from Hadeees
    From Bukhari
    From Muslim
    From remaining 4 unanimous book

    remember that plz Share reference from all 6 Books of Sunnah NOT Else….
    Bcoz internet is place of Fraud,…I see many people giving fasle references to justify there arguments
    . kindly scan pages of refernce and Quote here in your BLOG
    Remember that its very IMportant…If you’ve blog like that then you must give Authentic & Accurate Hadees
    And i urge all followers of that Blog…to adopt the Policy of Quoting References…Not Dreams/Suggestions/sixth sense
    ****Allah Hafiz****

    1. This post is about signs of Imam Mahdi (as) using abjd values of verses of Holy Quran. His name is not mentioned. Verses which are valid for time of Prophets are also valid for time of Imam Mahdi or End Time. These verses are guidance for Imam Mahdi (as) for his struggle.

  12. I have been here for over 50 years and did,not know who i was until 4 months ago but have been doing world politics since 2008 and changed in a night in ramadhan 2009. I have tried to go for hajj a few times but have been stopped for some reason or another only allah swt knows why. I am awaiting the day i will be in makkah for hajj and then everything will be as foretold by our prophet muhammad saw.

  13. I want to correct my above post 20 jan 2014. I don’t know his date of birth or family ethnicity. the above post is correct. he is over 50 and waiting to appear anytime now.

    1. 1956 “Then a messenger comes to you confirming what is with you” – Al ‘Imran, 81
      2014-1956 = 58
      Imam Mahdi (as) will rule only 7 years and then die. He (as) will live long life may be 70 or above, Insha’Allah.

  14. Ha Ha Ha Ha.
    Instead of doing ones own duty, it seems we are folding our hands on the pretext that Imam Mehdi (PBUH) comes and do our work.

    1. ikhub, It is your own assumption….. Instead of criticizing other we should see what are we doing for Islam. We are waiting Imam Mahdi (as) because he will be one who will get success and who will be accurate. It does not mean we should nothing. It means we should accurate according to Imam. We don’t know him but we know his work and duties mentioned in Hadiths. Waiting him means loving him and his work.

  15. Mehdi won’t know that he is the chosen one until the right time. Hadith says that ‘ALLAH will change him in one night’. Rest ‘when’ he will appear is a mystery which only ALLAH ALMIGHTY knows. Plus I agree with my brother above that his name can be any name among 99 names of our beloved Prophet pbuh. And his father’s name will be one of any name amongst 99 beautiful names of ALLAH subhan o tahalah. His name was never told openly and it was just said ‘like my name’ for that.
    I just pray that I see the time of peak of muslim ummah with the help of ALLAH’s guidance. And may we all stay firm with Imam Mahdi if he appears in our time. May ALLAH protect us all from fitnah of dajjal. Ameen.

  16. he belongs to punjab(pak), kashmir n russia. The disintigration of russia n earthquake of azad kashmir(2005) belongs to him… karl mark is daggal… imam mahdi is well master of knowlegde….he has proved existance and oneness of almighty god through scientifically… almighty god knows correct…

  17. all final minor signs of the appearance are coming to a completion only few last ones left are armageddon in meggido near israel ( malhama kubra ) death of a khalifa named abdullah (king abdullah of KSA) fighting in mina where tribes will fight then imam mahdi AS will appear in makkah inshallah then tha major signs of qayamat end times will start three land slides one in east one in west and one in arabia fire in yemen

  18. According to the great Muhaddith,HADHRAT MAULANA SAYYID BADRE-AALAM MADNI who resided in MADEENAH MUNAWWARAH in the last 10 to 12 years of his life & passed away in 1965 announced in 1962/63 that HADHRAT IMAAM MAHDI(A.R) was born.The great Muhaddith passed away in 1965.Since then great ULAMA & SHUYOOKH (30+) have mentioned the BIRTH of the MAHDI.All the physical proof points to the year 2022 for his appearance & A—- knows best.

  19. It is not necessary that ppl will recognize Imam Mahdi the first day they will see HIM. Remember satanic forces have been working from centuries to confuse the issue. Even if you do hear the voice from the sky introducing HIM, how many ppl know that Hadith. not many. so it will be a slow process, gradually ppl will hear then understand and after some time learn to obey that command from the sky. even in Hadith its mentioned that it will take 72 months for HIM to understand the whole process and establish it. These are great powers that are given slowly to Humans by ALLAH (sbt). Keep your ears and eyes open as per my info HE IS HERE.

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