A column about Friends of ALLAH who suddenly appear in our lives. No one knows, why?

Messenger 20 9 14Published in Daily Express on 20th September, 2014


    1. This feild is not like joining any university,it is purely Allah’s will,not depend on one’s ibadaat,it is allah’s will,yet very difficult to live,remember Aqa e do jahan (SAW) had to face great hardships,Imam Hussain (RA) ,the prince of janat and his family had to sacrifice themselves.Who was above them:Ik agg ka darya hay our doob ka jana hay,remeber do what ever you do but always try to keep the presence of Allah in mind,help the men regardless of their religion,race or anything ,be good to all and not bad to anybody and you will find your name in friends of allah.Causing harm to no one and being good to all is the way of Ambia and all friends of God and no doubt it is very difficult to keep in life!Do it and you will make Allah your friend!

  1. Jazak’Allah for sharing. The article is o.k. We know about Rijalul Ghaib. Writer has not mentioned anything about his meeting. Why he was called what was his discussion with Buzurg. Basically I dont know what did he try to say in this article.

  2. I m from mndi bahauddin.i know the name of his spirtual personality v well n visited the mosque.every month he come to our city for medical camp my mother also got checked up by him 🙂

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