Rijalul Ghaib means ‘men of unseen’, the reality of them is little known. Ibn Arabi (R.A.) said that in every age there is a spiritual pole, Allah has appointed Him at that station, He (the spiritual pole) is unknown to many and known to very few, even if you do not know of His existence He knows of yours.
On 9th March, 2013, Khurshid Nadeem wrote an article in Daily Dunya. In this article he asked various questions from Rijaal-ul-Gaib. Then on 11th March, 2013, Orya Maqbool Jan wrote an article in Daily Dunya, in which he gave answers about Rijaal-ul-Gaib. 

For the interest of Blog Readers, both articles are posted below. Hope so that these articles will clear the concepts about Rijaal-ul-Gaib.

In the above article Orya Maqbool Jan mentioned his article which was published in Daily Express on 28th July 2010. In that article he warned people about coming Azaabs. Read that article below.