Soon Almighty ALLAH will take So-Moto Action

Published on 10th September 2012 in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt


  1. allah will do that……for sure only allah can do this.

    It means as a Pakistani we admitted our failure.
    As a Pakistani, we failed to:
    strengthen pakistan,
    stop terrorism,
    stop corruption,
    practice basics of islam,
    perform fair accountability,
    get educated,
    do our job with honesty,
    provide justice to common people on their door steps…….à countless failure as a whole.

    The whole society has been collapsed.

    Mubarak ho…..aik or tamgha-e-nakami.

    1. yes you are right. Aulia ALLAH are warning our people but it seems that we don’t want to change. Everyone seeks only his own benefit. Nobody is fair to Pakistan. Regional /Religious /Sectarian extremisms are increasing day by day. Soon every culprit / hypocrite will face wrath of Almighty ALLAH.

    2. bhai sahaab kuch bhee nahee honga aap log ku aise prediction kartey ho kay aisa hojaye ga waisa hojaye ga kuch nahe hota jo Allah ko merzi hey wohe honga

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