Interview of Muhammad Maqsood Ahmad (R.A.), Grandson of Sufi Barkat Ali (R.A.)…

Listen the interview of Muhammad Maqsood Ahmad (R.A.), Grandson of Sufi Barkat Ali (R.A.) who said that time will soon come when United Nations will ask from Pakistan before taking any decision. Sufi... Read more »

The Words of Wisdom (Sufi Barkat Ali (R.A.))

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Politicians and Spiritual People – I

حکمرانوں کے روحانی بابے Excerpt From Book “Gaey Dinon k Suraj” by Javed Chaudary. Chapter “Hukmranoon k Roohani Babay” Read more »

Prediction by Sufi Barkat Ali (R.A.)

 Brief Life History and Spiritual Importance of Sufi Barkat Ali (R.A.) From Book: Seerat-Un-Nabi (S.A.W) Baad Az Wissal-Un-Nabi (S.A.W), Part 5 by Abdul Majeed Siddiqui  Mumtaz Mufti wrote in his book “Alakh Nagri”... Read more »