Allama Iqbal……A Qalander

The book ‘Kainat’ is a Travelogue, a Spiritual Experience, a Research, and a Symbolic Love Story by “Muhammad Ahsan”. The second edition of the book is named as “Daastan-e-Kainat: Englistan kay so Rang”.

The Author of this book is a Young Spiritual Student. His mother is also a Walli ALLAH.

Following excerpt is taken from Chapter “Shehr-e-Dil”
“Pakistan Iqbal ka Raaz hy, Agr Iqbal nhi tw Pakistan b nhi. Agr hamaray dilon sy Iqbal nikal gya, tw Pakistan b hamain Qabool nhi kry ga”

پاکستان اقبال کا راز ہے۔  اگر اقبال نہیں تو پاکستان بھی نہیں۔

اگر ہمارے دلوں سے اقبال نکل گیا، تو پاکستان بھی ھمیں

قبول نہیں کرے گا۔

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