The Saint of 21st Century…

Syed Sarfraz Shah said that about 0.5 million people would be killed in the final battle with India. Five cities of Pakistan will be destroyed in this battle. But Pakistan will be emerged as victorious. He is of the view that this war is necessary to clear the milk from poisonous cream. Pakistan will be strengthened after this war.

Following excerpt is taken from book “Okhay Olray” by “Mumtaz Mufti”.


  1. this cut piece of “Okhay Olaray” is superb.
    ESP k baray me khuch or b share krain iss power ko ham k say jaan saktay hain apnay andar ki takat ko k say jancha jaa sakta hai. insan or rooh ka rishta iss baray me b khuch or share krain.

    thank you

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