Arrival of Imam Mahdi (R.A.)

Hazrat Maulana ALLAH Yar Khan (R.A.) has said that there is not more than 500 – 600 years between him and Imam Mahdi (R.A.). The year of Wisaal of Hazrat Maulana ALLAH Yar Khan (R.A.) is 1984. So it means that Imam Mahdi (R.A.) will not appear before the year 2500 AD.

The following excerpts are taken from the book, “Murshed Jaisa Na Dekha Koi,” of Hazrat Major (Retd) Ghulam Muhammad, the Khalifa of Hazrat Maulana ALLAH Yar Khan (R.A.).

murshad-jaisa-na-daikha-koi-by-major-ghulam-muhammad-1-1024 murshad-jaisa-na-daikha-koi-by-major-ghulam-muhammad-30-1024 murshad-jaisa-na-daikha-koi-by-major-ghulam-muhammad-31-1024 murshad-jaisa-na-daikha-koi-by-major-ghulam-muhammad-32-1024 murshad-jaisa-na-daikha-koi-by-major-ghulam-muhammad-33-1024

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