Bleak Chance of Elections in 2013 (Astrologers)

An article was published in “The News” on  December 30, 2012, in which views of astrologers about future of Pakistan in 2013 were presented. According to them there is a bleak chance of elections in 2013. They were of the view that  the political scene of Pakistan is going from bad to worse. Some months ago, same was predicted by Syed Sarfraz Shah that elections will be held in 2015. (Read his prediction Here)

Read complete article about views of astrologers below:

Astrologers believe that the Chief Election Commissioner Fakhruddin G Ibrahim’s life is in danger and his security should be beefed up.

Elections may be held in May, if they are held at all, as the stars predict the worse for them.

PML-N and its leadership will see a decline in the year 2013. The coming year will be the year of the rise of right-wing political parties.

President Asif Ali Zardari is likely to be re-elected as the President of Pakistan, however serious rifts among PPP will emerge.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf will foster as a political party but the role of Imran Khan will gradually fade. All major troubles of Pakistan have merged on Tuesdays therefore the government should lift the slaughtering ban from Tuesday. These predictions were made by the astrologers for the year 2013 at the Jang Forum held on the topic “2013 – Whats In Store”. The guests at the forum were famous Astrologers Moazzam Khan, Sadia Arshad and Syed Intezar Hussain Zanjani.

Moazzam Khan said that Pakistan is going to see tough times till August 2013 after which things will start changing for the better. He said that the stellar constellations hint that elections in Pakistan will be held in May and they will be preceded by bloodshed.

Syed Intezar Hussain Zanjani however disagreed with him and said the stars that govern such an activity clearly show that election won’t be held this year and the interim government will be extended. Both astrologers agreed that the political scene of Pakistan is going from bad to worse for the first six months and there will be many a slip between the cup and the lips. Moazzam Khan said that 2013 has a negative sun number and thus is a year of major changes and a lot of new faces will emerge in the national scene politically and otherwise. He hinted that General Kiyani might not get an extension but he will lay a strong foundation for sustainable democracy. They also predicted major change of faces in the judicial set-up by Sep-Oct and were of the view that the judicial supremacy will go through a lean patch and will emerge again in the last quarter of the year. It will be more of a scenario of survival till October.

All three astrologers believed that this year will see the rise of Fatima Bhutto as the most influential leader so far as PPP is concerned and a large faction of current PPP will break away to support her. Sadia Arshad, Moazzam Khan and Zanjani all believed that the introduction of Bilawal Bhutto won’t help PPP at all and there is little he would be able to accomplish as a politician.

Sadia Arshad explained that Pakistan was in the ambit of a lean patch since 2010 which it will come out of by October 2013. She predicted that serious natural disasters are headed Pakistan’s way in 2013, the effect of which might be amplified due to poor planning and preventive measures. She said that Aseefa Bhutto Zardari has a better political career in store than Bilawal.

Syed Intezar Hussain Zanjani said that Pakistan has entered its 66th year which in numerology equates the word Allah, also Independence Day of Pakistan fell on Lailatulqadr, all these signs hint that God Almighty will bless this country in 2013. 

He was of the view that the rise of right-wing political parties will be witnessed.He also mentioned that during the last elections astrological signs showed that Benazir Bhutto was the most important personality and her life was in danger which turned out to be curtains for her.

Chief Election Commissioner Fakhruddin G Ibrahim also faces a similar state in astrological alignment for these elections and his life is in danger, he added.

Terming 2013 a year of accountability and justice for the country and its leadership, he said that there is a high likelihood of a technocratic interim setup in which Allama Tahir-ul-Qadri might play a major role.


  1. Some astrologers are saying that coming lunar eclipse on 25th will badly affect the elections of Pakistan. Something worse will happen. Lets see what will happen.

  2. aglay second kiya hu ga, sirf or sirf Allah janta ha yah phir wo jin ko Allah kuch dhika dayta hay. Allah kay siwa kissy k pass gaib kah ilm naheen. Jhoot noltay hain yee log, bakwas kartay hain

  3. Shame on such astrologers, I think those who believe them are dumb people. Elections held on time and PML (N) is in power and Zardari is not re-elected….hahaha poor astrologers and their believers……

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