Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri’s Bayt of Revolution (Bayt-e-Inqilab)….

On 26th July, 1972, Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri took bayt on the hands of Sheikh Tahir Alauddin Al-Qadir Al-Gilani. This bayt took place at  “Darbar-e-Ghosia”, Quetta. This was the “Bayt of Revolution”. The journey of revolution that was started by Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri in early 70’s is about to complete in coming 2-3 months. Insha ALLAH!.

Below are some excerpts from diary of Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri. You can read it in detail from website of Minhaj books.


  1. You must be insane bro. Sorry to say this but only person not in senses can expect him to bring revolution. Where we stand now is because of our attitude testing same faces again and again. What a sleepy nation we are. He is a sold out pawn. He says something in one video and deny the same in another video. I was not expecting this from you. Fake leader flew from Canada to bring fake revolution. I dont know when we will wake up.

    1. Agr Dr. TUQ k baray main jan’na hy tw kisi ALLAH k walli sy ja kr pocha, phir pata chal jaey ga k un ka kya muqaam hy. Dunya walay tw achhon ko bura kehtay hi rehtay hen…

  2. Bro Abdullah, have you ever met Allah walay? The pious people neither contradict their statements nor live levish life like he does. Also pious people dont give million of dollars apartment to their son in law when their daughter get married. Also pious people dont allow dances and let people to bow their heads to them. Go & do some research and you will find many of Tahirul Qadiri lies. He told in one of his dream, Hazrat Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon him) asked Qadiri Sahab to give him(peace and blessings upon him) fare to travel from Pakistan to Madina. I can tell you many of his lies but I know people blindly follow would never understand and for this reason he has many such followers. You guys can keep living in dreamland.

    1. Brother kush baatain aesi hoti hen jo nazar kuch ati hen aur reality main kuch aur hoti hen. is liay intizar kro. Sub ko pata chal jaey ga.

    2. Bro, Dr. Qadri is islamic scholar correct? Why is Islam out of this Inqilab? Why its all democracy? We all know the Khulfa rashideen were not democratic and Dr Qadri can’t get enough of his democracy. Never once have I heard him talking about his revolution will be Islamic or based on Khulfa rashideen model. Enough with democracy in Pakistan. Either we stop it and restore Pakistan for what it was made or Allah swt will send kuffars to cleanse this land and punish people and bring out new people who would full fill the destiny of Pakistan.

    3. So Brother aap apni yeh logic her aik per apply ker do. Allah nay samajh aur aqal bhee dee hay. I have quoted you few of his weird example and many of his lies is still available in many videos but it seems you are among his blind followers and you wont understand. Most of the people have eyes but still blind, have ears but deaf, have heart but no light. You are not the only person, I see most of the people are like you. They want to keep testing same faces again and again. Since my childhood we are testing Nawaz Sharif, PPP, and likewise. Same Qadiri Sahab we witnessed him lying in many videos and doing things which are haram in Islam and posing bringing fake revolution as he once tried in Islamabad while sitting in luxury cabin and later joined hands with same corrupt people, wow what a revolutionary leader he is but we are blind enough to say “Jo cheese samnay hoatee hay woh asal may kucch aur hoatee hay”, tauba … what a dangerous joke you are playing with yourself.. Qadiri sb is so far a pawn and playing in the hands of foreign elements. You keep waiting for him to rise and keep living in disney land. May Allah give us Hidayah. Remember, if you support a liar, you are answerable to your support.
      Anyway I was very much surprised to see this post from the host of this blog. So sad.

    4. Brother I have said that Dr. Sahab will play an important role in bringing Inqilaab in the country. So it does not mean that he will be the next ruler of country.

      Aur jahan tk baat hy k un k inqilab main Islam nazar nhi a rha tw ye bilkul galat hy. Ap un k inqilab k points ko gor sy parhain.

    5. Dr sahab said and I quote “I believe in democracy”. Its just like I believe in Allah but with Allah replaced with democracy. I listen to what he says. Why should I go and look at his points or his books etc. Why cant he say it in the talk show where he so staunchly defends democracy. This is the way of dr sahab. Go listen to my 17 hour lecture to find the answer to something as simple as yes or no.

    6. Brother ap k jo b views hen wo theek hn gy lekin any wala waqat bta dy ga k kon saheh tha aur kon galat. Hadith main tw ye b hy k jb Imam Mahdi (A.S.) appear hn gy tw sb sy pehlay un khilaf jang musalman hi kren gy jo unhy nhi accept kren gy. Imam Mahdi k muqablay main Dr. Sahab ki kya ahmyat hy. Log in k khilaaf hi rhen gy lekin any wala waqat sb clear kr dy ga. Insha ALLAH. So wait and see.

    7. Bro, when you quote Ahadees, all muslims will listen because its coming from our holy Prophet pbuh. We believe in Allah swt and we believe in his Prophet pbuh. If Dr sahab has his complete belief in Islam then he should not be ashamed of saying that his Inqilab will be Islami Inqilab and not a restoration of democracy. Who is Dr sahab trying to please by sticking so much with democracy all the time? Dr sahab should chose his side first and give a firm message and not dance around, then we will believe in him more.

  3. in 1980,s tahir qadri was being raised on tukras of shareef family in ittefaq mosque model town.so after this baet )(o called) he was shareefs mullah?
    only because qadri is grave worshipper does not mean that all pakitani grave worshippers consider him their messiah

  4. Wow am shocked at the desperation this blog is going to prove Pakistans future. Pakistan is the castle of islam no doubt.
    But for the host of this blog to put on quotes from ppl like mardoodi (maudoodi) n now tahir ul canadi is a new low. Seriously tahir is definitely not qadri cos qadris are mureedeen of huzoor ghaus e azam rehmat ullah alehi. N tahir has stood that title long time ago when he declared lions like mumtaz qadri a murderer but in many cases tahir says one thing somewhere n one somewhere else

    1. This blog is not representing the views of any particular sect or scholar. We are just posting material related to Islam and Pakistan.

      And about Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri, I can only say that coming time will prove that “Who is He”. Kuch baatain wesi hoti nhi hen jesi nazar a rhi hoti hen…

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